COVID-19 Update 

As of 9/19/2022, our facility has four (4) positive residents and one (1) positive staff member following Covid-19 isolation protocols.

Hanover Hill Health Care Center remains committed to providing the highest quality of care and compassion to our residents during this pandemic. Please be assured that your loved ones are being well cared for by our highly skilled, caring staff.  We believe the vaccines are an essential tool in this pandemic and continue to promote, educate and encourage all residents and staff to be vaccinated.   

We continue to collaborate with CMS, the CDC, and local health officials as we work to protect our residents and staff.  Our clinical and management teams continue to monitor and educate all our staff on all infection control protocols (hand hygiene, proper PPE, social distancing) and infection prevention strategies.  Our staff continues to be screened upon entrance to the facility, and any residents and/or staff who report an illness are evaluated promptly in order to determine an appropriate plan of care and treatment, or next steps. 

Our recommended indoor visitation hours are 10:00am-6:30pm daily. 

All visitors will be required to complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire and temperature scan at every check-in, wear a mask while in the facility, practice social distancing to the extent possible and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer entering/exiting the facility.    

Quarantined residents are ineligible for social visitation until he/she has completed their quarantine period.

You can help protect our community by receiving the vaccine, wearing a mask when appropriate, practicing social distancing, hand washing and staying home if experiencing any flu-like symptoms, traveled outside the U.S. or had contact with someone suspected of, or diagnosed with, COVID-19.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we continue to keep our residents, patients & staff safe and well cared for.  If you would like more information on COVID-19, visit https://www.nh.gov/covid19/ or https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

September 15, 2022

Dear Hanover Hill Residents, Families & Friends,

In an effort to keep everyone as informed as possible, we are seeing an uptick in confirmed positive Covid-19 cases throughout the community, and currently have two (2) residents and one (1) staff member following Covid-19 isolation protocols.  We understand that as the cooler weather approaches more visits will be held indoors thus we respectfully implore all visitors to refrain entering our facility if they have any signs or symptoms of illness (even mild cold symptoms).

Our Infection Preventionist is working closely with our assigned case manager at the Manchester Public Health Department, and we continue to adhere to all infection control recommendations to assist us in preventing further spread of the virus.  To date, fully vaccinated persons have only experienced mild cold symptoms so we are thankful for the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccines and boosters.

Our HanoverHill.com website will be updated weekly with in-house Covid-19 cases as well as any pertinent infection control updates.  If you need any assistance accessing our site or having any additional questions, please feel free to contact Holly Lansdale, Customer Relations Director, at (603) 627-3826 Ext. 337.  Per CMS regulations, face masks are still required for all staff and visitors, and we encourage residents to wear a mask when outside his/her room. 

Lastly, many of you may have seen or heard the recent recommendations regarding the new Bivalent Covid booster, eligible to those persons twelve (12) years of age or older, whose initial and/or previous Moderna or Pfizer booster was greater than two (2) months.  We will provide another update once we obtain more information from our pharmacy partners on available resident/patient and staff booster clinics. 


Lori McIntire, Administrator

May 17, 2022

Dear Hanover Hill Families & Friends,

I want to provide a brief communication in an effort to keep everyone apprised on the status of the virus in the facility.  Please continue to reference the Covid-19 Dashboard on our HanoverHill.com website for daily updates.

As of today:

·    MCU residents remain quarantined on the unit until May 20th.  The majority of MCU residents have experienced mild to moderate cold/flu symptoms, and daily activities continue to be offered on the unit for resident enjoyment.  All dedicated staff working on the MCU continue to wear full PPE (N95 respirator mask, gown, eye protection and/or face shield).

·    All other units are in response testing based on CMS guidelines.  We continue to maintain contact with our Manchester Public Health Case Manager and follow all recommendations.  As an additional precaution, we have temporarily suspended combining units for dining and activities, and will reassess at the end of the week. 

·    The highest infection control cleaning/disinfecting continues to be performed including the frequent use of our EMist Electrostatic Sprayers to effectively disinfect all common areas throughout the facility. 

·    The community transmission rate for Hillsborough County (utilizing the CDC Covid Tracker required by CMS) is at 13.52% as of 5/13/22, leaving the county in substantial transmission.

   Despite the challenges associated with the virus, we carefully orchestrated events and activities to recognize and celebrate National Nursing Home Week (NSNCW) last week, and will share some of the highlights in tomorrow’s e-newsletter.  With warmer weather here, we encourage families and friends to visit outdoors as much as possible – our back patio furniture is set up with tables, chairs and umbrellas for your comfort!   

​​​​​May 10, 2022

Dear Hanover Hill Families & Friends,

As of this morning, our Memory Care Unit (MCU) is experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak in both residents and staff.  Therefore, out of an abundance of caution and to help prevent further transmission of the virus, we highly discourage MCU family and friends from visiting their loved ones until all cases are considered resolved on the unit.  If you feel that a visit on MCU is necessary, please adhere to all infection control practices, and visits may only occur in the resident room.  Please note that the facility does not supply N95 respirators to visitors.  For all other visitors, please be aware that there is an increased risk of visiting during an outbreak thus consider refraining at this time.   

Effective immediately:

·    MCU residents will be quarantined on the unit for ten (10) days.  All affected MCU resident DPOA’s have been contacted with an update on his/her loved one.  If there is a significant change in your loved ones condition, the medical provider and/or Nurse will contact the responsible party.    

·    All dedicated staff working on the MCU must wear full PPE (N95 respirator mask, gown, eye protection and/or face shield).

·    Enhanced cleaning/disinfecting will be regularly performed, especially often-touched surfaces and common areas both inside and outside the unit to reduce further spread of the virus.

·    Specialized activities will continue to be offered to MCU residents on the unit.

·    If a visit with a MCU resident is desired, the visit must take place in the resident’s room.

·    Any resident on the MCU who has not been confirmed with a positive Covid-19 test, has been identified as a direct exposure and will receive response testing, as indicated.

Per our previous communications, our 1st floor unit continues to remain in response testing at this time.    

The community transmission rate for Hillsborough County (utilizing the CDC Covid Tracker required by CMS) has slightly increased (11.8% as of 5/6/22), leaving the county in substantial transmission.

Please do not hesitate to contact Social Services or your loved ones Nurse for updates. 


Lori McIntire, Administrator

May 5, 2022

Dear Hanover Hill Families & Friends,

We completed our initial round of response testing of our 1st floor unit with no new positive cases.  However, this week we have had an additional two (2) unrelated staff members present with symptoms and subsequently test positive for Covid -19.  We will perform a second round of response testing for identified 1st floor close contacts on Friday, May 6, with a follow-up scheduled for Monday, May 9. 

The community transmission rate for Hillsborough County (utilizing the CDC Covid Tracker required by CMS) is 10.89%, substantial transmission.  As always, we continue to take all infection preventative measures necessary in an effort to mitigate further spread of the virus and will maintain communication with any new developments.

Residents will be educated and encouraged to wear their masks while outside of his/her room, as able, and we ask that visitors maintain vigilance through proper hand hygiene, wearing a face mask and social distancing from staff and other residents.  Looking ahead to warmer weather approaching next week, we suggest outdoor visits while taking advantage of the sunshine and fresh air on any of our beautiful outdoor patios.   

Additionally, we did complete our second Covid vaccine booster clinic provided by HealthDirect Pharmacy.  The second booster is eligible to any resident and/or staff member who is 50+ years of age or immunocompromised; and has received the first booster at least four months ago.

We look forward to kicking off National Nursing Home Week with a special Mother’s Day Tea and a fun-filled week of individual and group activities for both residents and staff as we celebrate the national theme, “Creating and Nurturing Connections”.  

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Social Services or your loved ones Nurse for updates. 

Warmest Regards,

Lori McIntire, Administrator

May 3, 2022

Dear Hanover Hill Families & Friends,

Hanover Hill has just been made aware of one (1) staff member testing positive for Covid-19.  The individual has been instructed to follow all quarantine protocols prior to returning to work. 

Per guidelines, we are actively coordinating two rounds of response testing of residents that had close contact and any staff considered a high risk exposure to occur over the next seven (7) days, to proactively identify if there are any additional asymptomatic cases. 

As always, I will provide an update of any further positive cases, and/or at the conclusion of response testing.   If you have specific questions regarding your loved one, please contact his/her Nurse manager and/or Social Services.


Lori McIntire, Administrator

February 25, 2022

Dear Hanover Hill Families & Friends,

Happy Snowy Friday!  What an interesting weather week this has been – from sitting outdoors enjoying the sunshine earlier this week, to digging out from the snow today.  New England weather is always so unpredictable!    

I want to wrap up with a final outbreak notice.  Today, we performed our last round of Covid-19 response testing with no new cases.  Therefore, we are officially out of outbreak status and do not have any residents on isolation at this time.  Obviously, we know that things can change at any time however, it is important to celebrate this milestone as overall community positivity rates continue to decrease.  We have removed the dashboard from our main lobby and website – yay!  In addition, we have had no new cases of the Norovirus and have concluded this outbreak.

As always, we will continue with all of our infection prevention efforts to ensure the safest environment possible for our residents, staff and visitors.  Please understand that the recent state announcement on face masks does not include health care facilities at this time.  Therefore, we are still required by federal regulation to ensure that all persons entering the facility wear a well-fitted face mask and meet the screening procedures at the front desk.  Visitation may resume in the public lounge areas, however, we still ask that you socially distance from other residents/staff in those rooms and throughout the building. 

Stay warm and safe, and reach out with any questions or concerns at any time.

Best regards,

Lori McIntire, Administrator

February 21, 2022

Dear Hanover Hill Families & Friends,

As of this morning, we have no active resident cases of the Norovirus Gastroenteritis in the facility and we have one (1) active Covid-19 that will complete their quarantine period tomorrow.  Following our testing protocols, we will continue with response testing until we have sustained a period of 14 days without any further positive cases.     

We continue to monitor all residents very carefully for signs and/or symptoms related to the viruses.     

We are always available for questions, comments or concerns. 


Lori McIntire, Administrator

February 14, 2022

Dear Hanover Hill Families & Friends,

Just a brief update that we continue to experience cases of the Norovirus Gastroenteritis throughout the facility and active Covid-19 cases remain posted on our website.  All of our infection prevention measures remain in place, and we continue to work in collaboration with the state health department on best practices.  At this time, we still recommend limiting visitation to only those visits that are absolutely necessary.    

On a happier note, our dining, activities and customer service departments are busy celebrating Valentine’s Day on each unit today with lots of special treats and personal valentine cards.  You may check out our Facebook page later today for photos! 

We are always available for questions, comments or concerns. 

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Lori McIntire, Administrator

January 21, 2022

Dear Hanover Hill Families & Friends,

We continue to experience a surge in Covid-19 positive cases, and the status of our cases is reflected on both our website and lobby dashboard daily.

The team at Hanover Hill has been doing an amazing job working together to ensure the needs of our residents are met, while incurring the most significant staffing shortage in our history coupled with the constraints brought by either individual and/or household Covid-19 cases.  We have implemented the decreased duration of isolation allowing us to bring back our staff as soon as possible, while maintaining the utmost infection prevention protocols.  As you may have noticed, we have mandated the use of N95/KN95 respirator masks for all staff, in all departments, at all times.

While we remain open for visitation, we strongly encourage each of you to consider the risk of continued spread during these substantial transmission rates.  Today, the CDC reported that the Hillsborough Country positivity rate is 27.79%, and we know this is lower than actual as it does not accurately reflect the amount of positive cases identified through home antigen tests.  If you do choose to visit, we respectfully request that you consider the at-risk population we serve by;

·         Being fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (including the booster)

·         Have not been considered a direct exposure to Covid-19 within the past ten (10) days

·         Are not experiencing any recent symptoms of illness

·         Wear a properly-fitted face mask at all times while inside the facility

We thank you for our continued patience and understanding as our staff continues to work very hard to deliver the best care and services within the challenges faced by the healthcare profession and beyond.   

As always, reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns. 


Lori McIntire, Administrator


"The medical and nursing care is excellent. The providers were very good about keeping me informed of what was going on with my mother and her care. Your nurse practitioner was excellent about listening and reacting to my concerns. We were very pleased with the vast majority of the staff and there were a couple who went above and beyond to meet my mother's needs and happiness."

- Kathie Skinner

"Overall attentiveness and friendliness of all employees was best! Thank you."

- Stephen Gilmartin

"The atmosphere in the back was so nice; very peaceful and calming, even for visitors, with the fish pond, waterfall, day lilies and water fountains. The regular festivities and especially the weekly summer BBQ's were the best. Having a place for patients to have their hair and nails done, stocked kitchenettes, snack cart and lobby refreshments are all great ideas. The consideration of the patients was impressive."

- Sophia Rice

"The caring, the knowledge and the kindness of the entire staff are what make Hanover Hill an outstanding facility. I was treated with genuine care and concern by every staff member. The meals are excellent and the physical surroundings are immaculate inside and beautiful outside. Therapy kept me moving and gave me great strategies to deal with doing things. "

- Sara Blanch