Orthopedic Rehab


Our short-stay Orthopedic rehabilitation program offers specific therapy and medical assistance as part of recovery from an ortho-related surgery, trauma, disorder, or hospitalization.

Our specialized orthopedic rehabilitation program consists of a short length of stay and a one-on-one treatment plan for each person. Regardless of whether surgery is performed, there are many different possible musculoskeletal (orthopedic) ailments which may require rehab. Common surgeries requiring short-term skilled rehab include:

  • Total knee replacement - TKR
  • Total hip replacement - THR
  • Arthroplasty
  • Kyphoplasty
  • ORIF surgery

Our highly qualified rehab professionals are constantly being educated in the newest advances of rehabilitative therapy to provide the best possible care. They are able to recognize and address the unique phases of rehabilitation that ortho patients require due to limited range of motion, decreased strength, and the need to initially control joint effusion and inflammation.

We have teamed with Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) to provide ultrasound and electrical stimulation treatment for muscle re-education and improved management of pain and swelling. The interdisciplinary team works with the patient and the patient’s representatives to provide the care and services necessary for he/she to attain their highest functional level of independence. Our goal is to help restore range of motion, strength and function while ultimately having proven successful outcomes.

At Hanover Hill, we maintain a full-time in-house therapy department ensuring consistency and stability in the patient’s plan of care. Patient’s may receive 1-3 hours of therapy per day for up to 7 days a week, as indicated by their physician. Many of our residents have been able to have a fast, safe recovery thanks to our updated equipment, modern technology and personalized care from staff.

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"The medical and nursing care is excellent. The providers were very good about keeping me informed of what was going on with my mother and her care. Your nurse practitioner was excellent about listening and reacting to my concerns. We were very pleased with the vast majority of the staff and there were a couple who went above and beyond to meet my mother's needs and happiness."

- Kathie Skinner

"Overall attentiveness and friendliness of all employees was best! Thank you."

- Stephen Gilmartin

"The atmosphere in the back was so nice; very peaceful and calming, even for visitors, with the fish pond, waterfall, day lilies and water fountains. The regular festivities and especially the weekly summer BBQ's were the best. Having a place for patients to have their hair and nails done, stocked kitchenettes, snack cart and lobby refreshments are all great ideas. The consideration of the patients was impressive."

- Sophia Rice

"The caring, the knowledge and the kindness of the entire staff are what make Hanover Hill an outstanding facility. I was treated with genuine care and concern by every staff member. The meals are excellent and the physical surroundings are immaculate inside and beautiful outside. Therapy kept me moving and gave me great strategies to deal with doing things. "

- Sara Blanch